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AbraPremium Subscription

Get more out of your game with AbraTabia’s premium subscription upgrade. Level up faster, unlock more features and be more social. AbraPremium grants the following benefits:

  1. No video or banner advertisements on mobile devices
  2. Save and share game replays – 10 Cloud Save Slots included
  3. 50% more rewarded coins from matches
  4. 20% more coins from Coin Packs
  5. 6 Quick Chats unlocked in multiplayer matches
  6. 6 Full Screen Emojis unlocked in multiplayer matches
  7. 4 Emotes unlocked in multiplayer matches
  8. More social features and profile options
  9. Upgraded role on and AbraTabia Discord
  10. Can convert a social group in to an AbraTabia Club
  11. Upgraded server speed for multiplayer and party features
  12. Can join subscriber only tournaments (coming soon)

Subscriptions may be purchased in game for $24.95 per year