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Tutorials and Strategies

Beginner Tutorials

  • Getting Started . . . . Your First Match
    Getting Started . . . . Your First Match When you load the game for the first time, an interactive tutorial will load to walk you through your first match. When you finish that game or skip the tutorial, you will be asked to create or log in to an account to save your progress […]
  • Overview of Game Pieces
    Overview of Game Pieces AbraTabia has the same basic pieces as regular chess, but introduces more gender equality by having 8 female pieces, along with 8 male pieces instead of 15 male pieces and 1 female piece. You still have 8 pawns, but only 4 of them are named Pawns (male) and 4 of them […]
  • Game Board and Matches
    Game Board and Matches AbraTabia is played on a 14 square by 14 square chess board, which adjusts its size based on the number of players who start the game. In all 4 corners of the board, there are 9 squares missing, to create a 3 row “Player Base”, which is where that players starts […]


more guides coming soon