Getting Started . . . . Your First Match

When you load the game for the first time, an interactive tutorial will load to walk you through your first match. When you finish that game or skip the tutorial, you will be asked to create or log in to an account to save your progress and allow you to use the multiplayer.

AbraTabia’s piece movement works very similar to a chess game, where you can click on your pieces and all the possible moves for that piece will be highlighted for you. You then click on the square you would like to move that piece to. You may also drag the piece to the square you want to move to.

Movement is limited to a maximum number of squares. For example, your Queen can move up to 4 squares forward, backwards, left or right; and up to 3 squares in any direction diagonally. If you are used to playing chess some of the differences in movement may seem wrong, but are different because they make more sense in how AbraTabia is played.

For your first match, focus on learning how each piece moves and the spells you have available to you. Remember, you may cast 1 spell each turn, but only before you make a piece movement. You do not have to cast a spell, and one of the most important aspects of the game is to use your spells at the best time. Generally this means saving them for a 5-10 turn attack where you go after one or more of the enemy’s pieces.

So which spells do you have at the start of the game? Before Talent Points start at level 10, all pieces will have their default spells. Most pieces have other spell options with Talent Points at later levels which generally will change how you use these pieces. To learn the game however, focus on the 10 default spells for now.

There are 3 spells for healing. 4 pieces with movement spells. Then Stealth, Sacrifice and Firestorm. Below is a short overview of the types of spells.

  • Sacrifice – Pawns start with this spell. Once cast, it lasts up to 2 turns. The next direct attack against any of your pieces is redirected to the Pawn with Sacrifice active. This means the Pawn will take the damage instead of the piece that was attacked.
  • Stealth – Rook starts with this spell. Allows the Rook to disappear from sight for up to 3 turns. Can still move to set up a sneak attack. If the Rook attacks or is attacked, the stealth effect ends.
  • Firestorm – Sorceress starts with this spell. Does area of effect damage for 5 health to all pieces within 3 squares of the Sorceress.
  • Healing Spells – 3 types of heals in the game. Self Heal (Queen), heals only the Queen. Friendly Heal (Bishop), heals any friendly piece within 3 squares of the Bishop. Transfer Health (Peasant), heals any friendly piece within 3 squares of casting Peasant, but the amount healed is taken as damage to the Peasant.
  • Movement spells. 4 types of spells that grant extra movement. Teleport (Archer), allows the Archer to instantly move to the square he started the game on. Swap Positions (Knight), allows the Knight to change squares with any of your own pieces. Retreat (King), allows the King to move backwards up to 4 squares. Charge (Dame), allows the Dame to move up to 3 squares forward. Charge is a good spell to cast in the first turn of the game.